MIA FILM s.r.o.
A company owned by Michal Pokorný, Zbyněk Pippal and Radko Janoušek has been active in movie and TV industry since 2010.

We provide a complete service in the field of movie and television production on Czech and German speaking market.

We take a complete care of your project from the executive or line producer point of view. We also offer a co-production participation as well as we can take care of just one specific part or field of production if necessary.

Our experience enables us to administer the film incentives provided by Czech Film Fund at Ministry of Culture in the Czech Republic. We help to ensure co-production contribution up to 20% cash rebate on eligible costs in the Czech Republic. The incentives are paid by the state after final accounting concluded with audit. All of our projects so far have been successfully supported by the state incentives. We are proud to present a line of successful co-productions including movies, series and documentary films.